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What is water-saving car washing?


ue to the land issue in Hong Kong, it is a bit difficult to find a place to wash cars. Even if there is a place, it is difficult to find a water source, and it is not possible to directly spray the car body in the traditional way. Due to the location and drainage design of the Hong Kong parking lot, it is even more difficult to wash the car in the parking lot. If you really want to wash your car yourself, you need to use some gadgets.

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Improper auto detailing and maintenance will affect driving safety


Wet and rainy in spring, scorching sun in summer, cold and windy in autumn and winter, extreme weather will cause different damage to cars. In addition, there are acid rain, bird droppings, paint, etc. If you do not do well in auto detailing and maintenance, it will not only damage the cars, but also affect the driving safety.

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Nowadays, science and technology has broken through the constraints of environment and time. The new technology does not require construction in a dust-free room and the construction time is reduced. Car owners don't have to wait for a long time, and they can get the same or better service experience as before.

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