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CARs Restoration (Hong Kong) Limited

CARs Restoration (Hong Kong) Limited founded in 1990, is one of the largest auto care centre in Hong Kong. It is convenient for customers to arrange high-quality auto care services for their cars anytime and anywhere while shopping or working. Service centers are located in the parking lots of different shopping and commercial areas, so that customers do not have to search around and save time.


Auto Detailing Services

As a leader in the industry, CARs Restoration (Hong Kong) Limited has developed a variety of auto detailing services. A full-service car maintenance service that provides auto detailing for your vehicle from the inside out. It is inspected and monitored by senior technicians. The whole process is operated carefully and manually, so as not to damage the surface of the car. The car will be bright and smooth and the interior will be as clean as new. We ensure every tiny part of the car can have a comprehensive care.


Car Maintenance Services

In 2007, CARs Maintenance Service Center was established, hoping to be able to inject new vigour into the car maintenance industry in order to change the stagnant situation. We have hired technicians and consultants who have managed large maintenance centres in China, Hong Kong and Japan, and cooperated with a group of domestic mechanical engineers with college level to build Hong Kong best team. The most outstanding team has the ability to solve various difficult problems. CARs Maintenance Service Center has ten thousands square feet of repair workshop, and is equipped with advanced instruments such as paint spraying booth, parts warehouses, CCD wheel alignment machines, garage automobile sheet metal beam correction device and plasma cutters. Whether repairing aluminum alloy car body, programming car coding, or reparing gear box and engine, we can fix it well.



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