How to Purchase

Step 1: Go to home page or service page
Step 2: Select the service you want to order and add to the shopping cart, then continue to purchase or go to the "Checkout" page
Step 3: After entering the "Shopping Cart" page, pull down, then there is a "Go to Checkout"
Step 4: If you have a coupon code, click the column below and enter the code to enjoy the discount. Click here to learn how to use the pointsUSE OF POINTS
Step 5: After filling in all the information marked with *, including address and credit card, click [Place Order].
The system will immediately send you an email with the order number, service content, amount and barcode. You can use the email to redeem the service at any branch on the next working day. Click here for branch locations and opening hours.按此查看分店地址及營業時間。



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