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This website is owned by CHALLENGER Auto Services Limited ("Challenger"). This page is used to inform website visitors regarding our policies with the collection, use, and disclosure of Personal Information if anyone decided to use our Service. Please read our privacy policy carefully before using this website and providing personal information. You must comply with relevant laws, regulations and this privacy policy when using this website. This website is for Hong Kong residents.


If you continue to browse and use this website, you are agreeing to comply with and be bound by the terms of our privacy policy. By providing personal information to us on or through this website, you consent to the collection, use and disclosure of that information in accordance with this privacy policy.


Our commitment is to put users first. We strive to be transparent about how we collect and use your information, to keep your information secure and to provide you meaningful choices.


This website contains links to other websites. Please note that we have no control over other websites and this Privacy Policy does not apply to those websites under any circumstances. We encourage you to read the privacy policies of the different websites before you browse these websites.


We believe you should have tools to control your information. You can find controls to manage or review your account information, marketing preferences, location data, and search history at Privacy Controls. Some of our Services provide additional controls and privacy practices.

  1. 在你與挑戰者本服務互動時,我們可能會收集和整合以下資料,包括:
  2. 你提供給我們的資料。我們可能會收集你提供給我們的資料,例如:
    1. When you create an account with a Challenger Service or brand. Challenger may use device IDs, cookies, and other signals, including information obtained from third parties, to associate accounts and/or devices with you.
    2. When you use our Services to communicate with others or post, upload or store content (such as comments, photos, voice inputs, videos, emails, messaging services and attachments).
    3. Challenger analyzes and stores all communications content, including email content from incoming and outgoing mail. This allows us to deliver, personalize and develop relevant features, content, advertising and Services.
    4. When you otherwise use our Services, such as title queries, watch history, page views, search queries, view the content we make available.
    5. When you sign up for paid Services, use Services that require your financial information or complete transactions with us or our business partners, we may collect your payment and billing information.
  3. 裝置資料。我們會收集你裝置 (例如電腦、手機、平板電腦等) 中的資料,包括你與我們本服務和第三方合作夥伴服務的互動方式,以及讓我們能夠辨識及聯繫你在各裝置與本服務間之活動的資料。此資料包括 IP 位址、cookie 資料、流動裝置和廣告識別碼、瀏覽器版本、作業系統類型和版本、流動網絡資料、裝置設定,以及軟件資料等裝置特定的識別碼和資料。我們可能會辨識出你的裝置,並向你所使用的各項裝置提供個人化的體驗與廣告內容。
  4. 來自 Cookies 和其他技術的資料。
    1. We collect information when you access content, advertising, sites, interactive widgets, applications, and other products (both on and off of our Services) where Verizon Media data collection technologies (such as web beacons, development tools, cookies and other technologies, etc.) are present. These data collection technologies allow us to understand your activity on and off our Services and to collect and store information when you interact with Services we offer to partners.
    2. This information also includes the kind of content or ads served, viewed or clicked on; the frequency and duration of your activities; the sites or apps you used before accessing our Services and where you went next; whether you engaged with specific content or ads; and whether you went on to visit an advertiser's website, downloaded an advertiser’s app, purchased a product or service advertised, or took other actions.
  2. 我們可以結合並利用我們持有有關你的資料 (包括在本服務內外所收到的資料),藉此了解你如何使用我們本服務並與之互動,還有你聯絡和感興趣的人和事物,從而提供、加以個人化、並改善我們本服務。我們也可能基於以下目的,運用我們持有有關你的資料:
    1. 提供、保存、改善和開發相關功能、內容及本服務
    2. 為使你的個人資料可適用於及預填在挑戰者旗下的任何線上應用程式登記而毋須就個別程式重新登記該等訊息
    3. 提供、保存、改善和開發相關功能、內容及本服務
    4. 向你提供定期信息,包括我們的活動、業務及相關獎賞的詳情
    5. 為你有參與的抽獎、電競遊戲或比賽提供資訊
    6. 與你聯絡告知帳户相關資料,或依你的意願寄送市場推廣訊息。
    7. 將你在各種本服務和所有裝置上的活動建立聯繫,並將你可能在各個挑戰者本服務使用的所有帳户建立聯繫。我們可能會將活動和帳户建立聯繫至單一用戶 ID
    8. 進行或支援推廣活動
    9. 進行研究並支持創新
    10. 為外部相關人士 (包括合作夥伴、發布者、廣告商、應用程式、第三方及社會大眾),提供本服務與廣告內的使用方式與趨勢之相關分析與報表,內容包括向合作夥伴展示與大眾偏好、廣告成效,以及用戶體驗相關之資料。這些分析與報表可能包括彙總或化名處理過的資料
    11. 提供與定位資料相關的本服務、廣告、搜尋結果,以及符合你定位設定的其他內容
    12. 將我們持有有關你的資料和我們從業務合作夥伴或其他公司取得的資料 (例如你在其他網站和應用程式上的活動) 結合
    13. 偵測及防範詐騙、濫用或非法活動
  1. 我們提供設定選項,讓你可以管理你跟我們的網絡體驗。舉例來說,你可以檢閱或編輯你的帳户資料、管理市場推廣偏好設定,或者選擇不接收目標廣告。如果你選擇不接收目標廣告,你仍然會繼續看見廣告,但內容可能與你的興趣較不相關或對你較不實用。
  1. 挑戰者會與聯屬品牌和公司分享資料。我們也會基於本私隱政策中所述目的分享我們持有有關你的資料,包括提供你所要求之本服務 (包括你與第三方應用程式和小工具連接時)。除下列情況適用(一個或多於一個)外,我們不會向挑戰者以外的公司、組織或個人出售、授權或分享可以辨識客戶個人身分的資料:
    1. With Your Consent. We will share information with companies, organizations or individuals outside of Challenger when we have your consent.
    2. With Challenger and its affiliates may, to the extent permitted by law and consistent with user controls, share information with Challenger affiliates. This information will be used consistent with Challenger’s privacy policy.
    3. Within Challenger. Information may also be shared within Challenger, including with other Challenger Services and affiliates. Challenger affiliates may use the information in a manner consistent with their privacy policies.
    4. With Partners. We may share your information with nonaffiliated companies who are:
      1. Trusted Partners. We provide user information to trusted partners who work on behalf of or with Challenger based on our directions and in compliance with appropriate confidentiality measures.
      2. Advertising, Analytics and Business Partners (Limited to Non-Personally Identifiable Information). We may share aggregated or pseudonymous information (including demographic information) with partners, such as publishers, advertisers, measurement analytics, apps, or other companies. For example, we may tell an advertiser how its ads performed or report how many people installed an app after seeing a promotion. We do not share information that personally identifies you (personally identifiable information is information like name or email address) with these partners, such as publishers, advertisers, measurement analytics, apps, or other companies.
      3. When you use third-party apps, websites or other products integrated with our Services, they may collect information about your activities subject to their own terms and privacy policies.
      4. We allow other companies that show advertisements on our webpages or apps to collect information from your browsers or devices. Other companies' use of cookies and other data collection technologies are subject to their own privacy policies, not this one. Like many companies, we may allow cookie matching with select partners. But, these parties are not authorized to access Challenger cookies.
    5. For Legal and Other Purposes. We may access, preserve and disclose information to investigate, prevent, or take action in connection with: (i) legal process and legal requests; (ii) enforcement of the Terms; (iii) claims that any content violates the rights of third-parties; (iv) requests for customer service; (v) technical issues; (vi) protecting the rights, property or personal safety of Challenger, its users or the public; (vii) establishing or exercising our legal rights or defending against legal claims; or (viii) as otherwise required by law.
    6. New Ownership. If the ownership or control of all or part of Challenger or a specific Services changes as a result of a merger, acquisition or sale of assets, we may transfer your information to the new owner.

Challenger has technical, administrative and physical safeguards in place to help protect against unauthorized access, use or disclosure of customer information we collect or store.


We may update this Privacy Policy from time to time, so you should check it periodically. If we make changes that are material we will provide you with appropriate notice before such changes take effect.


The use of this website is subject to our legal notices.


      If you have questions, suggestions, or wish to make a complaint, please contact us at:[email protected]



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