1+1 Glass Coating


We use the latest Japanese automotive glass special coating, which provides high durability and improves construction operability. By filling the capillary pores of the glass with glass water repellent, a layer of strong water-repellent coating is formed, causing water to instantly form into water droplets and not easily remain on the glass surface.

In addition to its highly effective water-repellent effect, it can effectively prevent stains and dust from adhering, while maintaining the cleanliness of automotive glass and reducing the formation of oil film. The frequency of windshield wiper usage will also decrease, especially when it is drizzling rain. This extends the lifespan of the wipers and the water-repellent effect enhances the clarity of driving vision during rainy weather.

Service Content:

  • Full car glass degreasing (one-time)
  • Full car glass coating (one-time)
  • 加送玻璃保障^

^客戶購買「1+1 玻璃鍍膜」後, 成功登記「擋風玻璃保險」資料方能獲取玻璃保障。


Car Glass Coating

  • Reduces reflection and refraction of sunlight, improving driving visibility and nighttime safety
  • Scratch-resistant function: reduces scratches caused by dust, stones, or other impact
  • Helps reduce the time rainwater remains on the glass, minimizing water stains and deposits to keep the glass clean
  • Water-repellent effect: allows rainwater to quickly flow away during rainy days, maintaining a clear view and enhancing driving safety


Terms & Conditions

  • Valid for 90 days after purchase
  • Expired Voucher will be forfeited and cannot be exchanged for cash, redeemed for cash, refunded or extended
  • 登記玻璃保障之車牌需與購買此服務之車牌相同
  • The above services and offers do not include sunroofs
  • Only valid on passenger cars. Not valid for commercial vehicles
  • Customers must redeem at the redemption location in person to use the service
  • No change or refund after purchase and confirmation
  • Voucher cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotion offer or shopping voucher